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Projects England's Creative Coast Engagement Programme
May to November 2021

Running in parallel to England’s Creative Coast’s Waterfronts commission for Eastbourne, an accompanying community programme spanning digital, offsite and open-air deliveries, was led by artist Amy Leung.

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Projects Saving Berwick
Autumn 2020

As part of the Saving Berwick project in 2021, Arts in Mind made artwork in response to the murals, interior and landscape surrounding Berwick Church. Arts in Mind meet weekly at Towner Eastbourne and make artwork alongside each other in a studio setting to support positive mental health.

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Projects Creative Kit Bags

During the national lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, Eastbourne Borough Council, Eastbourne Food Bank and Community Stuff provided a lifeline to vulnerable households, ensuring that help was delivered to those most in need.

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Projects Arts in Mind

Arts in Mind meet weekly at the gallery. They make artwork in a supported studio setting, and nurture positive mental health. The group have been meeting and making since 2009 and are currently facilitated by Mandy Wax. During sessions members work alongside each other on their own projects, and also experiment with making work together. 

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