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Watch TALKING LOUD: Le Gateau Chocolate and Scottee

With a mix of skill, experience, humour, and critique, Scottee and Le Gateau Chocolat reflect on their respective routes into theatre and performance, what they love about the industry, and how to sustain creative, personal, and financial resilience within the crisis that performing artists currently face.

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Watch TALKING LOUD: Amanda Parker and Jenny Williams

Amanda Parker (Founder and Director of Inc Arts UK) and Jenny Williams (Director of Revoluton and Towner Trustee) explore the challenges and opportunities in creating a more inclusive and diverse creative arts sector.

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Watch TALKING LOUD: Michael Wolff in conversation with Joe Hill

In this exploratory online talk particularly for those in the Creative Industries or looking to enter this field of study or work, Michael Wolff, founder of Wolff Olins, and Joe Hill, Towner Director, discuss the idea of ‘being’ in the contemporary moment. 

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Watch TALKING LOUD: Helen Cammock and Tai Shani

In this reflective online talk, Helen Cammock and Tai Shani discuss their experiences as visual artists, including developing and maintaining their practice in the current climate and activating collaborations with and supporting peer networks.

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